conducting an interview // part two: reflection

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I didn’t know quite what to expect going into this interview, being that I had never before conducted one face-to-face; my most recent interview prior to this one was a phone conversation with The Fifth Beatle author Vivek Tiwary.

I suppose I expected the interview to feel like a typical conversation since I know Gold Million’s owners quite well at this point. My expectations were exceeded in this respect; I felt very comfortable interviewing both owners and they were more than willing to completely let me into their lives.

Before scheduling the interview I did not think much about where it would take place. I knew I wanted to film it on-location due to the fact that the store is truly the center of the entire project and a manifestation of both Harold Gold and Max Million. The store, however, is quite narrow in layout and busy in decor, which proved difficult when it came time to find a suitable backdrop for the footage. Nonetheless, I feel that the setting of the interview provided context for the stories that Harold told and gave the video personality.

A quality interview can only take place when the interviewer and subject are at ease in their surroundings and with each other; this keeps the interviewer’s mind focused on the task at hand and the subject open to discussion. For some length of time prior to the interview, a relationship of some sort must be built between the interviewer and subject.

Additionally, the subject cannot be the only one who’s thinking on their feet; if the subject unexpectedly says something of interest, the astute interviewer can adjust their questions to accommodate the new information.

I hope to conduct more interviews with Gold Million customers on Record Store Day, which falls on April 16 this year. Although these interviews will likely be restricted to audio only, I will still utilize the tactics I’ve learned throughout the process of filming these interviews.

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